2014 Fall gen flyer (lighter)

2014 MATU flyer JPG

2014 Fall gen flyer (lighter)

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

“耶稣又对众人说、我是世界的光.跟从我的、就不在黑暗里走、必要得着生命的光。” (约翰福音8:12)

You are sincerely invited to come to our fellowship. Please join our Bible study.
Pray that you and I may know Jesus more on a personal level.

Date: 08/28 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00 pm – 8pm
Location: Snell Library Lower Level Classroom (SL) 033 (see the entrance of the building)

Bible study groups:
Non-Christian group will study 基督教基本信仰
Christian group will study book of Romans (罗马书)

Please join our prayer meeting:
5:10 – 5:55 pm @ SL033

Hope to see you soon,

Dear all,

所以你们该效法 神、好像蒙慈爱的儿女一样.也要凭爱心行事、正如基督爱我们、为我们舍了自己、当作馨香的供物、和祭物、献与 神。(以弗所书 5:1-2) 

Time flies. Thank G-d that NUCCF has met weekly throughout the summer so that we can learn together. We will meet again at Curry 335 (please note the room change) at 300 – 430 pm today (Thurs 08/28)

You are sincerely invited to join us. 

In His love,

Dear brothers and sisters,

房屋與財富是祖宗遺留的產業;唯有明慧的妻子是耶和華所賜的。(Proverbs 19:14)

Thank G-d for a fruitful summer. We are going to have the last Bible study this summer, having the 3rd study on the topic of wives. You are sincerely invited to join us at 1145 – 130 pm at Curry 335 today (Wed 08/27/14). Looking forward to seeing you there.

May He bless you abundantly,


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